André Chwalibóg
Professor, DSc

of Veterinary Clinical and Animal Sciences,
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

University of Copenhagen
e-mail address:

phone: +45 40963573



Jan Elnif, associate professor
Adrian Harrison, associate professor, PhD
Dan P. Kl?rke, professor, Dr. med.
Preben D, Thomsen, professor, Dr. med. Vet.
Mette O. Nielsen, associate professor, PhD
Connie M.F. Matthiesen, postdoc, PhD
Lane Pineda, PhD fellow
Filip Sawosz, PhD fellow
Alice n. Rasmussen, PhD fellow
Mari-Louse Dahlberg, laboratory technician
Ebba Harrison, laboratory technician
Merethe Stubgaard, laboratory technician

Area of interests

    • Effectof nanoparticles of noble metals and carbon on energy expenditure, growth and development during embryogenesis and a postnatal period.
    • Effect of nano-compounds on oxidative phosphorylation and proton leak.
    • Effect of nano-compounds on pro and anti-angiogenic genes.
    • Anticancer properties of carbon allotropes.
    • Mathematical modeling of nanoparticles surfing within the organism.
    • Measurements are performed at molecular, organ and the whole body levels with chicken embryos and chickens.


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